Family Time

Nowadays life is just a constant race. All these necessary things demand your attention.  But if you stop for a little bit you will realize that amazing things are happening around and you are missing them – especially when you have a family beside you.

If you are married think about this: when was the last time you spent time with your spouse? If you both have kids when was the last time you played with them? It is not a matter of just time; it is about a high quality family time. There are things that we could do that can turn into good memories.

Let´s see some low-cost activities you can do as a family:

1) Cinema at home: Watch movies together at the living room, cuddling on the couch could be a weekly tradition or an idea when it is snowing and freezing outside. Get some popcorn, hot chocolate or cookies and look for a movie or series on the TV or online from sites like 123movies. With just one click at 123movies, you have access to a lot of movies and series. Laughing and crying together is always enjoyable.

2) Biking: this outdoor activity has a plus: you can drop some pounds as you go out often.

3) Cooking: search for a cheap and easy recipe and learn to cook together. Plus, it will be helping your kids to do tasks at home and to be more independent. With your spouse could be a very romantic moment.

4) Picnic: can be in a nearby park or even in the backyard. Pack some sandwiches, fruits, soda and fresh water. Take a look to the green around. Spring and summer time are the perfect seasons for doing so. Your kids will love run around while you kiss your wife or husband under a tree.

Discuss with your family which one you would like to start today. You will realize that life is always better when you are with your loved ones.