Brief guidelines on the Life of Brian Slot Machine game

This short guide is for all those of you who are regular online gamers looking for new challenges. It should be resourceful to you if you also have a great sense of humor and are fully appreciative of the movie genre of parody or pastiche in the form of comedy. In the context of this guide, a good background knowledge of the famous British cast of Monty Python and, specifically, their best-grossing Life of Brian movie, the inspiration behind this Life of Brian Slot game, will be of great use.

Of course, if you are already a Monty Python fan, then that’s going to help. Turning to the actual game itself, by the time you knock off three scattered Temple symbols or icons from reels one, three and five, all odd numbers coincidentally, you’ll win a Life of Brian bonus. From there, you spin a wheel to determine which bonus you can play for next. It’s like rolling the dice in your beloved Monopoly game. Altogether, there are four matches for you to play.

You will be taking part in The Stoning, you will be part of The People’s Front of Judea, you’ll be invited to The Romani Ite Domum and you’ll get to exercise your quirky sense of humor with The What’s so Funny bonus. This latter game is taken from a classic scene in the original movie. Of course, there are many others to whim you. Romani Ite is a humorous opportunity to work on your Latin vowels and consonants, and Thees and Thous.  In this scenario, the more time Pontius is allowed to mumble, the more points you can score.

All in all, a fun time to be had if you’re not too serious about winning at all costs.